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Thanks to the continued advancements in cosmetic dentistry, improving your smile is easy to do. Whether you are targeting the shape, size or color of your teeth or need to restore damaged enamel, Staley Dental, a downtown Boise cosmetic dental office offers an array of services to improve aesthetics without ignoring functional needs. From cosmetic restorations for dental implants, tooth-colored fillings or single crowns and veneers, Dr. John Staley will optimize your oral health and your smile through cosmetic solutions.

Cosmetic and Restorative Solutions

As important as it is to have a healthy dentition, feeling confident in the beauty of your smile can have a positive impact on your everyday life. Cosmetic procedures aimed to improve aesthetics are more readily available and will often times add to the strength and durability of your smile.

At Staley Dental, same day crowns and veneers will improve your dentition in one dental visit. Dr. Staley utilizes an in-office CEREC milling machine that will design a durable, tooth-colored crown or veneer in under two hours. We entrust local US laboratories to create other restorative solutions. Additional cosmetic services available at our Boise dental practice include:

Tooth Bonding – A conservative approach to improving your smile, this procedure can help build up a smaller or misshapen tooth, help fill in an unwanted gap between teeth or improve the aesthetics of a chipped tooth.

Dental Implants – Dr. Staley will place and restore implants with crowns, bridges and dentures depending on your oral health needs.
Inlays and Onlays – When your tooth has too much damage for a filling but not enough to require a crown, inlays and onlays are a great cosmetic option that will rebuild your tooth and blend in with neighboring teeth.

Whitening – If you are looking to improve the color of your smile, we offer bleaching treatment to lighten your smile.

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I was so impressed with everything and everyone. I just went for a Zoom bleaching, but thinking of moving for dentistry, too!

– Tona

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